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Woodsdale Elementary Fourth Graders Study Weather and More

01/24/13 – This year, Stacy Greer’s fourth grade class at Woodsdale Elementary is studying the science behind the weather.  They’re partnering with Meteorologist Jeff Oechslein and using a weather lab built on top of the school.  The school has purchased the lab and has begun reporting on forecasts and the science behind them. All of this is made possible by a mini grant from the CFOV and the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation.  Check out the fourth grade class’ first Tiger Beat weather broadcast here.     
Through funding made possible by the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, the CFOV was able to award over $66,000 in mini-grants to 14 schools in our service area last year.  These STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) grants were used to integrate cross-curriculum of the arts and technology focusing on the core subjects of math and science.

Each of the 14 schools successfully partnered with an outside arts organization or artisan.  Ten of these schools supplied extra in-kind support to their projects, which in the end added significantly to their overall success.

This year’s award recipients include schools and projects from across the Ohio Valley.  John Marshall High School has partnered with faculty at Carnegie Mellon University to study chemistry in the kitchen.  The Wheeling Symphony Orchestra and St. Michael Parish school have partnered together to study the art and science of tone production.

It’s expected all these programs will create forward thinking, transformational concepts that build creative thinking, analysis, and problem solving skills all of which are vital to prepare our future innovators.