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Women’s Giving Circle Receives Award

The Women’s Giving Circle at CFOV was recently awarded a Critical Impact and Spirit of Philanthropy award by the West Virginia Grantmakers organization.  The WGC awards grants each year that positively impact the lives of women and girls in the Ohio Valley.  This year, the WGC made two grants.  The first grant was for $10,000 and awarded to Youth Services Systems to support young women in transitional housing.  A second grant of $9,600 was awarded to the YWCA Wheeling to provide residential services to women transitioning out of the criminal justice system.
The award was announced at the West Virginia Grantmaker’s annual conference held October 4-5 at the Blennerhassett Hotel in Parkersburgh, West Virginia.  “It was always our intention to build a philanthropic organization that other women would believe in,” said WGC Chairperson Kris Molnar.  “That we could join together to combine our resources and do good things for women and girls in the Upper Ohio Valley was our collective objective.  In less than two years, we have received the commitment of 90 women and received more than $80,000 to build our philanthropic effort.”

“We are honored to have this opportunity to work with so many dedicated women of the efforts of the Women’s Giving Circle,” said CFOV Executive Director, Susie Nelson.  “The WGC members are committed to empowering women and girls and making significant change.”

To learn more about the Women’s Giving Circle and how to join, please call or email Susie Nelson, Executive Director, at 304-242-3144.