Scholarship FAQs

How do I apply for a scholarship from the Community Foundation for the Ohio Valley, Inc.?
Applications are available on our website. Select the appropriate region in the left menu options (Ohio, WV or WV and Ohio), then select the scholarship program and either download the application or contact the listed person/place to obtain an application. Please keep in mind that many of the scholarship funds held at the CFOV have unique applications and application processes. Please call 304-242-3144 for more information about specific scholarships and their requirements.

What is the application deadline for scholarships?
The current year’s application deadline will be listed in the application instructions. Under no circumstances will an application be considered if received after the stated deadline.

What is the best advice you can give regarding submitting a successful scholarship application?
Follow the instructions! Complete your application neatly, include requested information (and leave out anything that’s not requested!) and remember each application is reviewed by a selection committee – it is worth your time to build an application that represents your very best effort!  It’s also not a great idea to let the deadline sneak up on you – keep an eye on the calendar!  And ALWAYS feel free to contact us with any questions!

How will I know that my application was received and processed?
For scholarship applications that are submitted to CFOV, please call us at 304-242-3144 or send an email to  Several CFOV opportunities are managed by external or school-based committees and the applicant can inquire about his/her status with those entities.  ALL scholarship selections are submitted to CFOV, regardless of the selection method and CFOV will notify those chosen as recipients once selections have been made.

If I receive a scholarship award, will I receive a check?
No – you will receive a student award letter with an acceptance form that you must complete and sign and return to the Foundation office.  We begin processing checks for the amount of your scholarship July 1.  Checks are made payable to your institution and will be forwarded to the appropriate office at your college or university.  Scholarships will not and cannot be distributed without submission of a completed acceptance form.  If you fail to return the scholarship acceptance form in a timely fashion, this may cause a delay in processing or even forfeiture of your award.

What happens if I must withdraw from school for academic, disciplinary, or personal reasons?
Although extenuating circumstances may be considered on a case-by-case basis, the general rule requires college/universities to refund any issued but unused scholarship funds to CFOV. This guarantees future students will have sufficient funding available. You signify your understanding of this policy in the Scholarship Acceptance Form you sign and return to the Foundation. Military service during the school year is an automatic exception to this policy.