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FACTS Impact Awards Grant in Support of Uplift OV

HoH-Share, an organization dedicated to cultivating supportive and successful experiences through love and individualized methods, has been awarded a $25,000 grant from the FACTS Impact Fund to enhance its Uplift OV program.

The membership of FACTS Impact, a donor advised fund administered by the Community Foundation for the Ohio Valley, was quite impressed by the experience and vision HoH-Share expressed during the grant application process.  Uplift OV not only aligns well with the group’s interest in funding organizations working to overcome systemic issues, but also actively addresses very present community needs in unique ways. 

With a special interest in serving those in marginalized communities, such as low-income or justice-involved individuals, HoH-Share has embraced an opportunity to do more to fill gaps of all kinds for those seeking employment.  Marginalized jobseekers frequently encounter barriers to employment, such as a lack of a working phone number or even food to pack for a workday lunch, that non-marginalized jobseekers may never consider or acknowledge as being real.  This disconnect makes an already vulnerable situation much more delicate.

HoH-Share’s experience in filling needs for those in pivotal times led to the creation of this new programmatic venture.  Establishing structures to promote a successful job-seeking, training or educational experience can only improve the likelihood of positive outcomes for those making meaningful strides towards sustainability.

“Uplift OV aligns perfectly with our groups’ mission of removing obstacles and barriers associated with employment.  We were particularly intrigued with the reach this program seeks to extend, which will most assuredly complement existing community programs held to more specifically prescribed service goals.  The potential for life-changing steps to be taken through these measures is heartwarming,” shared Rob Sincavich, chairperson of FACTS Impact Fund.

HoH-Share Executive Director, Kate Marshall, is certain this investment will open meaningful doors to opportunity.

“This grant will offer our team the flexibility to create responsive and impactful strategies to provide necessary tools and skills for success in employment, training or further education.  These building blocks may seem basic to some, but a solid foundation is critical to empowerment and independence,” Marshall said.

The FACTS Impact Fund hosts an annual letter of intent process for funding.  For more information, please contact CFOV at 304-242-3144.