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A donor advised fund functions in a way similar enough to a private foundation that it gives donors a great sense of comfort, ensuring that they can remain involved in their charitable giving long after the gift has been given. The benefits of creating a donor advised fund rather than a private or family foundation are simply too attractive to ignore – IRS reporting is done by the Community Foundation, there is no minimum annual payout from the fund, research into non-profit entities or causes can be carried out by the Foundation, donor anonymity can be assured, children and/or grandchildren can participate and get a lesson in giving back….the list of benefits is endless.

The Community Foundation for the Ohio Valley, Inc. currently holds more than 75 donor advised funds. If you have established a donor advised fund here at the Community Foundation, or if you are considering your own personal philanthropic plan that may include a donor advised fund, use the link below to access the Donor Advised Fund Guidelines of the Community Foundation for the Ohio Valley.

Donor Advised Fund Guidelines

It is easy to request a distribution from your already established donor advised fund with the Community Foundation. Download a copy of our Donor Advised Grant Recommendation Form, complete and sign the form, and mail or email ( to the Foundation office. Your request will be promptly considered and, as appropriate, distributions will be made. Distributions can be made in your name, in the name of the fund, or anonymously, as you wish. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at for assistance.




Recommend a Grant From Your Donor Advised Fund

I recommend the following grants to the Board of Directors. I understand that this is a recommendation and not a direction, and that the Community Foundation for the Ohio Valley may deny this grant request if it does not meet the policies of the Foundation and the requirements of the Pension Protection Act of 2006. Please allow processing time of two weeks. Letters outlining the donation, along with the check, will be mailed directly to the organization.



Your Information

I certify that the grant(s) recommended meets the requirements, specifically that the grant will NOT: Fulfill an obligation of an existing legally-biding pledge agreement (a contract between you & a charity binding you to make gifts to that charity per the terms of the pledge agreement & may be enforceable against the fund representative(s), family members, or businesses they control); Pay for dues, membership fees, tuition, goods from charitable auctions, or other goods or services (including dinners, tickets, etc.) that provide more than an incidental benefit to you or any other individual; Support a political campaign or lobbying activity; Support a private, nonoperating foundation.