Community Leader Internship Program (CLIP)

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Community Leader Internship Program

Applications will be accepted December 12, 2022 through January 31, 2023 for the 2023 Community Leader Internship Program. 

Program Background

The Community Leader Internship Program (CLIP) provides summer employment opportunities and a program of civic leadership development for college students. The program’s key goals are:

  1. To enhance students’ personal skills as well as to improve their ability to find meaningful employment in our region upon college graduation;
  2. To introduce area nonprofit organizations, government entities and businesses to students through the Intern’s placement with their organizations; and,
  3. To offer a collaborative way for employers, nonprofits and foundations to work collectively to improve our region’s potential workforce for the future.

The Foundation seeks applications from students for participation in the program as well as interest inquiries from potential host sites (non-profit agencies, government entities, and for-profit businesses) for placement opportunities for students.

Information for Student Applicants

To apply for consideration for participation in the Community Leader Internship Program, a student must:

• Be a current resident of Brooke, Hancock, Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel or Tyler Counties in West Virginia, or Belmont or Jefferson County in Ohio;

• Satisfactorily complete at least his/her first semester of freshman year of study at an accredited institution of higher learning (including vocational study, community college study, college or university study including graduate student education) with a minimum of a 2.0 or higher grade point average;

• Sincerely desire to participate in a program of civic education and summer employment and be willing and able to work a full time schedule in a nonprofit, business or government organization, with placement at the Foundation’s discretion;

• Be committed to full time employment during the Internship period, to interacting in a positive manner with other program Interns and staff at the assigned workplace;

• Be committed to completing the full duration of the program; (pre-arranged vacation time is considered) Intermittent days off are discouraged.

• Be aware that while he/she will be placed at a position most closely proximate to his/her home, every Friday all Interns will be required to physically attend a program in Wheeling, WV; and,

• Have the long-term personal goal of returning to the Upper Ohio Valley upon graduation.

Please review the Community Leader Internship Program Student Guidelines for detailed information on the program’s purpose, time-frame, compensation, and work expectations.

Applications can be accessed during acceptance period at the following link: Foundant Technologies. Take note of each question based upon your status in our program (i.e. 1st year participant, 2nd year participant). The software is designed as scholarship software for graduating seniors. We are using the software in a unconventional way in order to make the application process easier. If you have questions, please contact CFOV at 304-242-3144.

Unless you have previously engaged with our scholarship software, please note that when you first access the online application, you will need to create a user name and password. This enables you to work on your application as you are able. To return to an application that you previously started, use the provided link, then enter your user name and password. Please be certain to make note of your user name and password as you will need that information to return to your application. When you have completed your application, be certain to click the submit button at the end of the application. You should receive an e-mail confirmation indicating that we have received your application. There is no need to contact our office if you receive the submission confirmation email (check your spam filters).

If you have any questions on this process or program, please review this page along with the student guidelines. Should you still have questions, please contact Debbie at 304-242-3144. It is recommended that the student call with their questions, not their parents.

APPLY HERE after you have read all of the above information as well as the links therein.

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Information for Host Applicants

Eligibility to submit a Placement Proposal is limited to nonprofit organizations, governmental institutions and businesses in the following counties: Brooke, Hancock, Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel or Tyler Counties in West Virginia, or Belmont or Jefferson County in Ohio. Entities proposing a placement cannot be guaranteed assignment of an Intern as placements depend upon the unique needs of the student applicants. Interns will be matched to regional placement opportunities according to their career goals and self-development needs. To be considered as a host site:

• Placements proposed must not be of a menial or routine nature (e.g., not more than 20% of the proposed placement should reflect tasks that are clerical or menial).

• Adequate supervision for the Intern must be available at all times.

• The host must identify a host site Mentor for the Intern (this person may or may not be the host site Supervisor) who can aid the Intern with day-to-day issues.

• The host site must be compliant with all pertinent safety regulations, etc., according to the nature of its type of worksite or industry – any safety equipment needed must be identified in the Placement Proposal and the host must plan to furnish it.

• A dedicated workspace must be available, with telephone and/or Internet access as appropriate.

• All worksites must be fully accessible; if there are any accessibility limitations possible (e.g., stairs) those must be identified in the Placement Proposal.

• Any special work requirements must be identified in advance in the Placement Proposal (e.g., ability to lift up to “x” lbs; ability to stand for periods of time, etc.).

• Any skills that would be appropriate to strong job performance must be identified in advance in the Placement Proposal.

• The host Mentor or Supervisor must plan to provide a brief orientation to the particular work site for an Intern, if assigned.

• Hosts may not request or select a particular Intern – host selection is the purview of the independent Selection Committee; this is essential to supporting the tax-deductible nature of gifts to the fund from which the students are paid.

• If selected, the host site Mentor or Supervisor must be willing to serve as the host organizational representative and attend a brief orientation at the Foundation Office prior to the start of the program.

• The host Mentor must be willing to meet with the Program Director twice during the course of an Intern’s placement as the Director conducts a site visit.

There is no cost to the host for participation in the program.

If interested in hosting a student intern, please contact CFOV at 304-242-3144.