A community foundation plays a diverse and important role in the areas it serves.  Grantmaking is one of the most recognizable ways a foundation makes an impact.  CFOV is honored to support organizations in the Upper Ohio Valley and beyond through grantmaking made possible thanks to a variety of opportunities and resources.

Grant Information
Looking for grant resources?
Thanks to the Elizabeth Stifel Kline Foundation, CFOV is honored to host the Elizabeth Stifel Kline Nonprofit Resource Center to our area’s grantseeking organizations.  The hallmark of this dedicated workspace is the ability to access Foundation Directory Online (FDO) – a robust database of funding information.

Learn more about the doors this partnership can open for your organization and be sure to reach out to us if you’d like to visit!

Candid, the provider of Foundation Directory Online, also offers a wide range of learning opportunities.  You can learn more about these, known as Candid Learning, by visiting here.

CFOV Grant Opportunities
Throughout the year, CFOV accepts applications for competitive grant programs. Each program is unique to different focused areas. If you are interested in learning if your project might be eligible for a grant program, please visit the links to each grant program to find out more, or contact us at 304-242-3144.

To enter CFOV’s online grant portal, please click the Foundant graphic below.



Application Process
CFOV uses an online platform for most competitive grant opportunities, which requires an account to be established.
To avoid duplicate accounts for one organization, please check to see if someone in your organization has already created an account. If you are not sure, please contact us and we will check for you. Once you login to our online grant portal, the “apply” page will only show grant programs which are currently accepting applications. If there are no processes currently accepting applications, there will not be a link to apply.

For more information on the online registration process, please read the Applicant tutorial  or watch the Video tutorial.

Once available, you can preview the grant applications here, without needing a login.

Have a grantwriter and need to give them access to the online application? Learn more here: Collaborator

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